george dragomir turia
I am preoccupied with man’s paradoxical nature. The stability of our bodies and minds and souls is constantly
undermined yet just as we near disintegration we find it in ourselves to continue on. We pick ourselves up and drag
ourselves back into the fight of the world where we will inevitably be hurt again but also made beautiful by
our wounds and scars.
My work is an attempt to grasp the dynamic between vulnerability and resilience. The fragility of ceramics conveys
man’s susceptibility to wounding without demanding the symbolic disintegration of the human shape. It helps me bypass
the anxiety of the fearful gesture and the cynicism of the disenchanted posture, speaking of crumbling inner realities
I build my sculptures by hand, inch by inch. Matter continues its life in my works in the human face, which reflects
its potential for constant change. The porcelain responds to caress; it allows me to smooth it until it becomes
perfect – an impeccable surface, a defleshed bone upon which personal history will soon be inscribed.
We all share this embodied vulnerability. My basic, almost primitive shapes suggest universality. We are made different
by the stories and coping strategies that hold each of us together. Memories of love and of a random encounter bring
out confidence in one who has been abandoned. The iron of the shield and the bullets provide the warrior with a sense
of identity and create an unexpected - if raw and undesirable - aesthetics of stability. Marks of pain become intricate designs
and stories of courage, while blindfolds suggest either the reliving of past glory or the growing strength of the inner gaze.
My works speak to the imaginative nature of our resilience, mysterious, unpredictable, challenging representation yet
desperate to communicate itself.
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